Next.js 10 Has Been Released

Around 2 hours ago on the Next.js blog Next.js 10 was announced.


  • A next/image component for image optimization
  • Internationalized routing
  • Next.js Analytics
  • Next.js Commerce (A starter kit for ecommerce sites)
  • React 17 Support
  • Importing CSS From Third Party Components
  • Automatic href resolution (next/link)
  • @next/codemod CLI improvements
  • Blocking Fallback for getStaticPaths

Image Optimization

import Image from "next/image";

<Image src="myImage.png" height="400" width="300" />
// instead of <img src="myImage.png" height="400" width="300" />

This lazy loads the image and makes width and height work with responsive layouts.

Next.js Analytics

Go to to learn how to enable it.

React 17 Support

The new JSX compiler is automatically used, you just have to run this command:

$ npm install next@latest react@latest react-dom@latest

Importing CSS From Third Party Components

You no longer have to import the CSS for third party components like this:

import DatePicker from 'react-datepicker'
import 'react-datepicker/dist/react-datepicker.css'

You can just import the component.

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